Friday, March 18, 2011


Energy in shades of brown, layered; thick and hearty. Stout like a bold bottle of the brew that carries her name, "Guinness".

Spring is a welcomed relief. I believe her spirit is energized by the change of season. As are mine. It is fine that her paws, all muddied and wet, get their prints all over the linoleum. It does my heart good to see her leaping and bounding.

She had been rescued for this moment. Freedom found in the compassion to which she clings. Free to love. Free to run. Never knowing which direction to explore first. Sometimes her decision is made for her, thanks to her squat legs and enthusiasm. Her feet go right; her body goes left.

She discovers a leaf. It becomes her adversary. It is her plaything. Speed is her ally. At least as fast as her stumpy legs can carry her. Trying to squeeze a lifetime of denial into a single afternoon.

Now, by the window she rests, dreaming of the warmth this day had brought to her explorations. Anticipation fuels her, and tomorrow is another day.

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